Saturday, May 30, 2009

News of the Moment: Moans and Groans

I don't normally read the Los Angeles Times' Sports section but this one caught my eye:

A French Open newcomer, by the name of Michelle Larcher de Brito of Portugal, is now well-known for something remarkable,
sort of. No, she's not the best tennis player in the Open nor is she the No. 1 seed player; rather she makes this weird shrieking noise everytime she hits a ball!

According to Times writer Chuck Culpepper, her screams were so indescribably colossal that--and I quote--"three ambulances turned up along Rue d'Auteuil outside Roland Garros, thinking someone in the draw had been attacked by bears that had wandered in...." Eventually she was booed out because her screams just got painfully annnoying and distracting from the game. Poor girl. But now we know who's a screamer!


Trish said...

oh my goodness i've watched tennis before & this is the first time i've heard someone like that! totally out of the ordinary!

Abby Quijano said...

omg what the heck is she on!?