Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art of the Moment: Architectural Shoes

Is it an Ikea chair? A fixture? A playground-thing?
Not even close: it's actually a shoe!

Yes, it's a shoe. And yes, it is pretty outrageous. I don't know if shoe designers get some sadistic pleasure out of creating footwear that is most likely dangerous, painful, or too out-of-this-world. But hey, something has to drive women to start spending!

Enter this shoe, called the Kiraro, from Celine. It's actually a runway piece: it's too darn high for the average woman to wear and, look, the arches are missing!

Did they cut production costs? Maybe.

But aesthetically speaking, it's pretty cool! It's more reminiscent of a sculpture than an accessory--more MOMA than The Americana. Could that be the reason they're priced the same way too?

Archless platform sandals, €795 at select Celine boutiques.


Trish said...

wow those shoes are ridiculous! its better off as a display piece! something nice to look at, not something comfy to wear!

Abby Quijano said...

omg those are NOT shoes!! crazy!! LOL... thats something stolen in a musuem!! and the people who stole it didn't know what it was so they had a crazy idea and called it a shoe!! duhh!! LOL . jk jk

anwyays.. sorry i had to hang up... right when we got to talking.. they stood there and watched me.. it was so awkward and i didn't wanna be rude :{ cuz it got so quiet. XD